Accountancy Software

Xero is a multi-platform, cloud-based piece of software that helps you perform business management tasks wherever you are, whenever you like. You can send and create invoices, manage stock inventory and monitor expenses. By using XERO accountancy software you can make informed business decisions that will help your business grow.

How Kidwells Bookkeeping can help you:

  • Kidwells can help you with the set up and installation of XERO accountancy software.
  • We will provide training to help support your use of the software.
  • We will be on call with any questions about the software.
  • Xero is powerful software and with so much functionality you may miss sections that can make your business more efficient.

What is Xero?

It is a beautiful accounting software that millions of people love using to run their business. Xero is available all over the world and runs in the cloud. This means you can do your finances using any device with an internet connection – anytime, anywhere. Xero allows unlimited users at no extra cost – so you and your colleagues can work at the same time, even from different places. There’s nothing to install, upgrades are free, and everything’s backed up automatically There’s a mobile app too – it’s called Xero Touch and you can use it to run your business on the go. You can send invoices to your clients and they can pay online, so you get the money right away.

As your Accountant, we can help manage your finances, by logging in and checking out your accounts – so you don’t have to send all your paperwork to us. The software also connects to all sorts of popular business apps. There’ are tools for point of sale, inventory, job tracking, CRM and hundreds more.